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Liberal Values


Liberalism starts from a simple and general premise for any individual: The inalienable right of all people to live in freedom, to dispose of their property and to the pursuit of happiness as it fits his or her own desire, without other people imposing a determined way of life or stealing the product of their labor, a result of free interactions. It does not matter whether it is a majority group of people or the established goverment which hold these intentions, individual rights are to remain invulnerable . That is, the philosophy of freedom is for all those who wish to live in peace and let live, not imposing or be imposed, within a framework of equality before the law, without distinction or privileges for anyone. 

"No one can force me to be happy 


in his way, rather each may pursue happiness in the way he sees fit as long as he does


not infringe on the freedom of others to pursue his own happiness".

Immanuel Kant

 While the pursuit of freedom is as old as attempts to hinder it, John Locke is recognized as the father of classical liberalism, who contributed his outstanding work to the British political reform, paving the way toward parliamentarism, division of powers and religious freedom, leaving behind forever monarchical absolutism in his country and becoming a classic figure of free ideas. Limitation of government and its division into independent powers is fundamental for individual development and to exercise effective control in an atmosphere of freedom and respect. The vulnerability of the republic, without any doubt, leads to the sum of public power which is the most dangerous scenario for the freedom of people. 



 "There are no individuals, nor churches, 

nor states, which are justified 

to invade civil rights." 


John Locke


Argentina, after its independence and four decades of internal strife and fratricidal struggles, could find 1853 in the constitutional project of Juan Bautista Alberdi a path of freedom that turned a barren desert into an international powerhouse, only by guaranteeing a protection of freedom and private property rights to the thousands of immigrants arriving in the country on daily basis. The change of the successful liberal model for a political and economic corporatism has succeeded in making Argentina the first "un-developed" country in the world, i.e. the only one to have lost economic development after having succesfully attained it. Today, in the twenty-first century, the chances of recovering the path of growth are vastly superior to those that existed when so many citizens of the world came in search of a better future. Integration is just around the corner and the world is an opportunity. Just as a generation proved it not long ago, there is no better project that freedom, within a framework of responsibility and free trade, to overcome poverty and exclusion.    



"Government has not been created for making profit ,


but to do justice.  It has not been created to become rich,


but to be the guardian and sentinel of the rights of man,


the first of which is the right to work,


or rather the freedom of industry."



Juan Bautista Alberdi




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