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Our agenda

As a liberal foundation we advocate for a defense of freedom of individuals in all walks of life, worldwide.The aim is to strengthen the ties between the defenders of freedom and also set the stage for the possible development of ideas, whether through courses, seminars, lectures, debates and activities that can bring new political leaders, journalists and representatives from different sectors of society to liberalism. Our work and constant collaboration with political parties, think tanks and civil associations has as its fundamental objective to approach our agenda, bringing the ideas of freedom, to the participants of political life through all our activities and trainings.

Democracy and Rule of Law

Since 1983, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty carries out its work in Argentina with the aim of strengthening democracy and republican institutions. For the liberal tradition of thought, democracy is popular representation, power alternation, political coexistence and citizen participation. The division of independent powers, with a legislative branch, representing both majorities and minorities, and a judiciary independent from political power, is the only framework for true republican democracy.The defense of democracy, the republic and the Rule of Law represents a cornerstone in the defense of freedom. So far we have made great strides in the fight for freedom, both in Germany and in the rest of the world .

Free Market Economy
 The market economy is nothing more than a reflection of wills disseminated in millions of decision makers (each one of us) who practice pure democracy when choosing a product or a service. Although markets are often and incorrectly described by many sectors as an entity run by a few, the fact is that the threads on an open economy are pulled by all consumers.The less governments grant privileges more vendors will enter the game of competition, lowering costs and multiplying the available labor sources.Regulations, such as restrictions on imports and exports, as well high taxes, no matter what their intentions may be, diminish trade opportunities, violate the freedom of individuals and hinder development and poverty reduction.

 Federalism is the counterpart of centralized power. It is the political and economic independence of each province and municipality from the executive branch.Our country, whose growth came from the hand of a federal project, has increased its central power over the last century, hurting local independence.To achieve economic development and overcoming poverty in the country it is necessary to establish a liberal model where the provinces and municipalities are independent of the central power and have the tools to attract investment through fiscal competition, reducing taxes and providing better public services to taxpayers. In this way, citizens cease to be spectators far from the political world and become protagonists of community life. 

 A high level of education is a fundamental requirement for development in freedom. A citizen aware of his or her rights is essential for a strong defense of the those rights, as well as having a creative mind and bieng able to perform successfully in the labor market.No society that has freedom as value can neglect education, an essential tool for the modern world.In a free society the educational content should be open to constant evolution and to the multiplicity of interests and concerns in society, away from the controlling dogmas that have as its aim the uniformity of students. To encourage diversity and critical thought in educational settings is a priority on the liberal agenda. 

Individual Freedom and Human Rights For liberalism all men are equal before the Law and this is not a tool to equalize between them according to the preference of governments or majorities.Free relations in a peaceful society take place between different people of different races, beliefs, traditions, orientations and preferences. Neither the State nor any other group of people can undermine the a person's life choices, since that person is self-possessed and has a particular project. As the Argentine economist and writer Alberto Benegas Lynch Jr. has highlighted: "Liberalism is the unrestricted respect to others' life projects."The free man, a product of voluntary relatinship and individual preferences, is the fundamental basis of market economy and ensures his property and freedom within the democratic and republican institutions.
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Martes 3 de octubre 18:00 "Los desafíos de la educación del Siglo XXI" Universidad del Cema.
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