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School for liberty

Online Seminars for 2016

Inscription: bases@fundacionbases.org

Conferencia “Why not privatize the roads?”
a cargo de Walter Block

Miércoles 30 de Marzo
Horario: 16 hs de Argentina


Seminario “Empresario Institucional”
a cargo de Juan Sebastián Landoni

1. Introducción. Objetivos del seminario. Proceso económico de mercado y empresario
2. La función empresarial. Perspectivas para el estudio de la empresarialidad
3. Instituciones y cambio institucional
4. Empresario institucional. El empresario institucional entre los agentes de cambio institucional

Fechas: 04, 11, 18 y 25 de Abril
Horario: 20 hs de Argentina


Conferencia “Ratzinger: Un liberal en el Vaticano”
a cargo de Gabriel Zanotti

Martes 10 de Mayo
Horario: 20 hs de Argentina


Conferencia “Ciudad y libertad: ¿Es posible un urbanismo sin estado?”
a cargo de Franco M. López

Fecha: Miércoles 18 de Mayo
Horario: 20 hs de Argentina


Seminario “El proceso de mercado”
a cargo de Gabriel Gasave

1. El proceso de mercado
2. El caso del monopolio
3. El misterio de los bancos
4. El mercado laboral

Fechas: 01, 08, 15 y 22 de junio
Horario: 20 hs de Argentina


Conferencia “Pobreza y desigualdad”
a cargo de Iván Cachanosky

Fecha: Miércoles 13 de Julio
Horario: 20 hs de Argentina


Conferencia “Ética y libertad en Murray Rothbard”
a cargo de Jorge Gómez

Fecha: Miércoles 20 de Julio
Horario: 20 hs de Argentina

Conferencia “Bitcoin: La moneda del siglo XXI”
a cargo de Adam Dubove

Fecha: Miércoles 10 de Agosto
Horario: 20 hs de Argentina


Seminario “Murray Rothbard: Principios básicos de la economía”
a cargo de Manuel Llamas

1. El Hombre: acción, intercambio y precios
2. La Economía: producción, competencia y dinero
3. Y el Estado: intervencionismo, impuestos y gasto público

Fechas: 05, 12 y 19 de Septiembre
Horario: 16 hs de Argentina


Seminario “El Occidente y la libertad”
a cargo de Mario Fantini

1. La libertad de expresión y la amenaza de lo “políticamente correcto”
2. La libertad religiosa y el problema de la secularización
3. La libertad de movimiento y los límites de la inmigración

Fechas: 05, 12 y 19 de Octubre
Horario: 15 hs de Argentina


Conferencia “Un liberal en el Congreso Nacional”
a cargo de José Luis Patiño

Fecha: 26 de Octubre
Hora: 20 hs de Argentina

Virtual Academy with Fundación Bases

Federico Fernández - Bases Foundation
Federico Fernández - Bases Foundation

Live online seminars and conferences

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Argentina supports one of the most important projects of the Fundación Bases de Rosario: Its virtual platform for courses, seminars and conferences for students from all over the world. The platform holds live courses, which set up a direct dialog between students and professors. There will be offered all kind of seminars concerning liberal issues. Among others, the students will deal with lessons about liberal texts and authors, political investigations, freedom of speech, market economy, human rights and the history of liberal ideas and philosophy. This platform makes it possible for people from all over the world to join classes on university level. All they need is a computer and a connection to the internet. Most of the courses will be hold in Spanish. Those, which concern international issues will be taught by international professors and will also be available in English. If you want to know more about this program, upcoming events or if you are interested in attempting the classes, contact us at: marcelo.duclos@fnst.org .

IAF: International Academy for Leadership Theodor Heuss in Gummersbach

Click on the links for the videos

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation has an Academy for Leadership located in Gummersbach, Germany, where several seminars for people all around the world are held. We invite you to know the Academy inwardly.

The facility is ideal for the different worshops and encourages a constructive dialogue between participants and moderators. At the reception desk one can find all the help needed to exchange money, laundry service, useful information about the city and the Academy and whatever need the participants may have

The individual rooms are located inside the facility and are optimal for resting between workshops, which are very interesting but can be exhausting. Even though most of the lectures are given in English, the Academy often provides simultaneous translation into Arabic, Spanish and other languages.

Among the most outstanding features of the Academy, most of the participants highlight the kitchen and the bar. The seminars often provide the opportunity to take an excursionand visit other cities in order to lighten the load of the lectures.

The Archive of Liberalism is located inside the facility and it is available for all the participants to visit. However, it´s not all hard work and long days at the Academy. All participants gather in the recration hall after each day to mingle and rest. We recommend you watching this videos if you haven´t visited the Academy yet and plan to do so in the near future.

We hope you enjoyed and found this information useful. 

Agenda Liberal
Martes 3 de octubre 18:00 "Los desafíos de la educación del Siglo XXI" Universidad del Cema.
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