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FNF Argentina

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our online site.

2013 has been a very special year for us. We celebrated our 30th anniversary of work in Argentina.We started our activities in 1983 to promote the ideas of liberty in politics and civil society .The essence of liberalism is based on individual freedom, which can only be guaranteed by upholding the following values: - Democracy, based on the separation of powers between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of goverment.
- Rule of law, which guarantees equality before the Law for all and the protection of the rights of minorities in an independent court system.
- Market economy, based on private property and social responsibility with the State exclusively setting clear rules for fair competition without privileges.
In order to promote and defend these conditions we cooperate with liberal parties and institutions in the following areas:
Political training through seminars and workshops on various topics, such as government reform, human and civil rights, market economy and free ompetition etc. . Political consulting through national and international experts on issues of political strategy, electoral campaigns, party organization, development of youth political participation, among others. Optimization of municipal management through training and advice to municipalities with the aim of improving local governance and promoting economic development and autonomy, encouraging a decentralization process. In this context, we promote principles such as "New Public Management" and PPP ("Public Private Partnership") as instruments to reform public administration with the vision of closeness to citizens and their needs.
Our target groups in Argentina include leaders in liberal parties and institutions, liberal figures in national, regional and local governments; communicators and opinion leaders, citizens interested in liberalism and liberal politics and a liberal-minded youth.
2014 is a year ofmany challenges. We´re going to do our best to achieve the objectives and strengthen our work in defense of freedom.
I hope the information on our website will be of interest and use, and will inspire you to collaborate with our ideas.

Jörg Dehnert
Friedrich Naumann Foundation Argentina

Agenda Liberal
Martes 3 de octubre 18:00 "Los desafíos de la educación del Siglo XXI" Universidad del Cema.
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