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8 million vs 20 millions

New video with Libertad y Progreso

Agustín Etchebarne
Agustín Etchebarne
In this vídeos we will explore how in Argentina only 8 million people working legally in the productive prívate sector have to pay high taxes for the upkeep of a large public sector that includes 20 million government workers and how this drains its resources, leading to stagnation, lack of investment, unemployment and undeclared employment.

We believe that in order for our country to move forward it is important to scale down the number of government employees, favoring free market policies like free trade, regulation that makes it easier to hire people or more freedom for people to set their own enterprises. This policies should lead to investment in our country and the creation of jobs in the private sectors, which mean that unuseful public sector jobs and cash transfers can eventually be replaced by more productive private sectors job. As we always say, the best social security is a good job.

Fundación Libertad y Progreso

You can see the video here...

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